Kiss the rain

Written by: Seren Roberts

Feeling tired
Your body stressed
Mind a tumbling
Dont know whats best
Look out the window
Another damp day
Put on some shoes
It is time to lay ..
Those tears at bay

Look up look up
Feel  my touch
Thats what the  rain
Is saying to you
Lift up your face
Let my touch heal
Destress your soul
Make you whole ..
Tears gone away 

Your aches fade away
Your body feels limp
The stress is abating
A small smile appears
The rain is so cool
Don't want it to stop
You lick at your lips
Quenching your love ..
Tears of hope now

Those magic raindrops
Work for you
Making life lighter
Easier to cope
Smiling again
Dimples on show
Life is worth living
Full of hope ...
Tears of joy now

All thanks to those fine raindrops, healing from above.