Why kill Lady Macduff

Written by: Jeremy Martin

Bard, you made my blood boil today
As I clenched my fists at your fourth act 
My eyes were furious
Inquietude stole over me 
I've been in this room before, but this time I experienced the brunt
My heart turned as cold as a stone
Listening to the lovely woman jousting playfully
With her beautiful boy 
I could see her eyes welling with tears, uncertain but adoring 
Stoic mother bird- for her children
Just as the last bits of sand fell like drops of blood
The hourglass is done and the lady is plunged into night
This blameless, innocent creature and her babes
Where will you go, if even your home is not safe?
I fell in love with you, with your family, just as he wanted
And was effectively heartwrenched when he took you away 
His glimmering blade, poised like a viper at your throats 

These sweet little things, a love that cannot be 
Screaming at the the pages, the play is played 
Why? Please tell me why? 
Why does there always have to be a sacrifice?