Where ever I go, there I am

Written by: Chris Witherspoon

In my mind
there was a struggle,
my health and life 
I chose to juggle.

I abused my heart
and tore down my mind,
to good things in life,
I became blind.

It became so intense,
that I lost my sense.
In turn making it unto me,
my greatest offense.

Then the Lord saw fit,
to save me from myself.
To put those things which were 
upon His mighty shelf.

He restored my body,
and redeemed my soul.
Slowly turning me to a new creature,
from that which was old.

Although the fight never ends
and the struggle still exists.
Once I open my heart,
I find peace through all in which I 
must persist.

So I take it day by day
and lean not on what I understand.
Because there is no doubt,
that where ever I go, there I am...