Hearts Are Young Again

Written by: Mark Norton

Silent sounds the winter wind, left to vanish forever more,
There fiery salvation like our father, lost in dream so long ago;
 Sometimes floats by the melting ice, in water ghostly cold,
And somewhere instilled is the meaning of our life’s desires    

 Cast out the fragments of what dwells within, cast out.
Cast out a symbol that measures a moment, cast out.
My heart grows old as wisdom is told, like the tick of an ancient clock,
And I often stand with withered hands and pain in my tired bones

 We pass the solitude of our own intent, to those with concept and vision,
Though the eyes may see the passing age and the passing of morality, 
Come feel a breeze as spring is born and breathe deep the sweeter scent,
While lilies grow where a water flows and hearts are young again  
                                          By m.norton