Yoda, An Ode to the Force

Written by: craig cornish

Your heart lives the greatest power within.  
Faith that survives the darkest gloom,  
Where in its depths roses bloom  
And in its heights, the sun at noon  
Warms all and holds evil down.  
No twilight there is, no night and day.  
See, a glow that grows and all can  
And follow, even deaf and blind can.  
The force within that, feel, you can.  
Like planted seed faith that grows.  
It grows through crusted desert earth,  
In frozen tundra, under snow.  
It matters where it is sown not.  
Your soul believes provided that.  
The power to conceive, love has.  
No greater love, no greater need,  
Than trusting inner faith I plead.  Hmmmm.