Battling Addiction

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Battling Addiction

Battling addiction leads the victim to walk roads through twists in turns
Never quite knowing how far they can go before reaching an end of a road
Their souls are torn. knowing that the life they once had could someday return
If only they allow themselves to surrender for help like a hero

We all stumble and fall one way or another, its true
Though it doesn’t mean that we can’t rediscover how we used to be, we just have to try
Dreams exist even in an addict, to motivate them on what they need to do
Nightmare scenes also exist in an addict through the scares one gets in their daily highs

Their hearts and minds are torn between knowing what is right and wrong
Family and friend’s faces flash through their minds while the addiction calls for another fix
How would they feel tomorrow knowing their loved one overdosed from something too strong?
The victims begin to cry somewhere deep within their souls from just knowing this 

They remember when life was once filled with passion and big plans for the future
Now they gaze at their altered reflection through the puddle of tears that remain
They realize that they have no choice but to put down the drug and reach out for a cure
By surrendering themselves like a hero for seeking help that will rid their pain 

Contest: Battling Addiction
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