Family Dinner

Written by: Jonathan Michael Conlon

Hey babe, how ya doin, how ya been? It's me, c'mon invite me in!
Say, nice place, where's the kitchen, what drawer are the knives in?!
Nice couch, does it fold out? Nice dog, what's his name? Does he fetch?
Play dead?
Burnt one, ate one, used the other as a table to operate on while the meat dripped from her ribs.
Hey babe, it's your parents, let's invite them in!
Look boy! She pissed the carpet! 
Good evening sir, Who am I? Why I'm Mike, your daughters inside, knees pulled to her chin!
Can I offer you a plate? It's hospitality with a side of your child's jelly-
Afterwards we'll have the desert thats long been cooking inside your wife's belly.