Written by: Kim van Breda


Childhood memories cherished and remote recollections
Emerging in magnified clarity encourage renewed perceptions
Open air big screen films referred to as “Drive-Ins”
A regular Saturday night treat -- family car, excitement within

After eating our packed picnic snack
Permission asked to play—promises to come back
Our greatest thrill sat under the huge white screen
Amusement ride—galloping flying horses-- enchanting scene 
Carousel rotating- fairground organ—a musical ride
 Merry-go-round- gilded Horse ballet dancing with pride

Some high on poles, interspersed benches—
These were placed for the less adventurous 
Waiting patiently the ride slows down
Small minds choosing horses to call their own
Rushing to mount our fantasy up high
Small feet in stirrups, as wooden horses fly

The candy-floss man stands on the side
Inflated packets-- pale pink, blue and white divide
Cotton- wool sugary treats entice as we wait
Melt in the mouth moments to keep us awake

Kim van Breda—February 2013