My Brush With An Icon

Written by: Jack Ellison

Jackie Robinson and I go way way back To the spring of nineteen forty-six A Montreal ballpark on a April afternoon The day the world was transfixed The colour barrier that existed in baseball Was about to come crashing down After many decades of ugly discrimination Jackie would become renowned It would take a special kind of individual To withstand all the slurs and abuse Young Jackie knew what he'd have to endure But it was not his nature to refuse Having a strong and tenacious personality Not known for giving up a fight Jackie settled in for a long tough struggle On which he had long set his sights It's a time in history I'll always hold dear That momentous day back then Forever after ingrained in my psyche I witnessed this champion of men! © Jack Ellison 2013 My Dad and I were late arriving. When we got there it was the bottom of the first. As we emerged from the passage way to the bleachers, the crowd was cheering wildly! I looked to my right and believe it or not Jackie Robinson was stealing home!!! This image is ingrained in my memory!