My Time

Written by: Chrissy Downing

Time is ever flowing
But my time is never slowing
What time do I have left here
Should I live in fear
As I hold my dear ones near
In my final breathes I breathe
Time starts to leave me
In a river twisting and turning
My heart yearning 
For just another minute
I don’t wish to leave
I close my eyes gently 
Grasping your hands in mine
Time has found me at a loss
The absence of time comes to greet me
All that ever was will no longer be
As it comes to take me
Tears slip down these familiar faces around me
I wish I could say something comforting
That it will all be okay
My time has come
Taking me so young
They all surround me now
I wish they would stop crying
I wish I would stop dying
But time is the final decider 
Nothing I can do
Nothing they can do
I have lived
I have loved
I have cried 
And now I had died
Hello my dear friend time
I promise
Ill be just fine