Mr Fantastic

Written by: Jimmi Canada

Bigger than bodacious 
Higher TCH than contagious

I poke at the smoke and make a cause to estrange this

…Toodle-to-do in my space ship

I love how much I can remake this-
And bank the right to go out on a limb

..Spill on the film
Make the gas on the ground increase its bliss

 Run through the breeze and accept your diss

Though it is time to resist
And look back at your breast

Ask mother to draw me up a sign

Because like it or not you are on my line
And my best friends,
And my bosses

Your eye’s doing crosses
And your cops pulling over bloggers

Wait, stop!
I said stop on a dime!
Pick one up and help pay for the blind!

We adore dances as long as they make man-shifts,
Make shift
Endanger wigs
Throw out chicken strips!
And hopeless trips!
Play out banquettes, with not enough men to spank it!
Even though they're all over it!

Callin'all out smurf!
And say **** anybody with my tip!
It's high in the mountain range
And it see's you as strange!

Blame  blame  blame!
And then do it all again!
Go to the gym later and explain!

Ask why do young men have names?...
I haven't given them my change!
I am still alive! 
I deserve to be played!

I am in turn to say hey, go away
You little brother,
stayin' for a long time and then bein' like...mine!