Tears for Reflections Past

Written by: Nick Yuknalis

It happened fast, like a camera flash
Next I know she tip toes across my heart strings
She dances across it
Brief like mistletoe, awkward like middle school
Steppin on toes, her laugh turns hollow
Simple tune and my fears prove true
As the Celestial turns Demonic
And I rip
The stars from the sky for ammunition
Another part of my childhood turns victim
Another grave stone to mark a failed expectation
I scream in the memories
I shed tears for reflections past
Another smile built as an ashtray
Another shot and my sight goes amber
I was once the glass menagerie staring through the looking glass
Pressure cooked and shattered, eyes turned to broken glass
All I see are nightmares and faded dreams
As I hide in sleep simply to reminisce
As I saunter through my scar garden