Brick Walls

Written by: Arra Black

Brick walls
Closing me in at all sides
The rattle of chains echoes as I sleep
Ankles rough
Wrists rough
Shackles screwed too tight
Forgotten how to dream
Trapped inside my own demise
Morsels of food is offered
But I know it is tainted
Tainted with poison
Just like their words
Just like their lies
Humid air chokes me
In my earth bond cell
I tried to escape
Tried to run
They knocked me down
With the butt of a gun
Now in a cell
Without any windows
I can only guess it is night
Everything is night down here
Everything black
No light is granted for me
Someone without stability they say
Someone who has lost their mind
But what they misunderstood is
That they will have to die
That is what the walls tell me
Whispers in my head
I used to not listen
But now I whisper back instead
The rat’s feet add to the sounds
Of whimpers, screams, and cries
I know they come from me
But this voice…it is not mine.