A friend indeed

Written by: sam cam

Whenever Im in need 
and even when Im not 
you are a friend indeed 
your the best friend that I've got 

You know me in and out 
and I know you just the same 
We never need to shout 
cos' we never place the blame 

Your always on my side 
even when i'm in the wrong 
held my hand while I cried 
when I wasnt, you were strong 

I've been to dark places 
when nothings going right 
turned to all the wrong faces 
but it was you who brought me light 

I know I dont need to tell you 
cos I know you feel the same 
and our friendships strong and true 
and I know you'll say Im lame! 

But without you in my life 
I dont know who I would be 
you've helped me through some strife 
so you can always lean on me!