On a Pedestal You Stand

Written by: Kara McLain

You were my friend
And protector of dreams.
I thought the world of you
And on a pedestal you stand. 

You used to say 
You would always be there.
And you proclaimed 
You would always have my back. 
To protect me
You would go to the ends of the Earth
And love you would not lack.

Show me.
Don’t tell me.
Our feelings aren’t a priori.

You speak of a fairy tale
That I can’t help but want.
But when it comes time 
To spread your wings and fly,
Tinkerbell has died.

Show me,
Don’t tell me.
Our emotions aren’t a priori. 

I ach to be able to give and take
But I must not tell lies.
I can’t love you to the moon and back
Until I have ridden the celestial elevator 
And have watched the Earth rise.
And then if I can leave 
The cosmic dreams behind,
I have proven just how far my admiration extents.

So show me,
Don’t tell.
Our hearts aren’t a priori. 

However I fear
You never did stand up 
To my expectations. 
As soon as you slouched 
You fell right down
And the pedestal crashed 
To the ground.