Sleepless Night

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

Once upon a crime at 
when the shadows stole 
across the sky,
I felt your whispers broke 
into my night
and roused me in a 
twinkling of an eye.

I sat at the shores of ages fresh;
the nude sand breath softly 
on my skin,
I was lost in the memories 
of a manic-mesh:
a fragrant fire that still 
burns deep within.

I gaze to find that sparkling 
with which I crafted your 
name above,
all I found was the 
scourching scar
you left on the skin of our 
priceless dove.

I can still hear your loudest 
in those nights we 
drowned so deep
in a pool of pleasure, now 
filled with ashes; I see 
invisible tears of nights I 
couldn't sleep.