Tweedle Dumb And Tweedle Dee

Written by: david scott

    What could I say about this fellow?
    Seems like a bit of a numb nut really
    But that's how it always was you know
    Always under her thumb, that was he
    I ask how could a person be that shallow                                         
    But guess for some that is just elementary
    And he'd wonder why he's always at zero
    No sense of wisdom or just to blind to see

    And now there true colours they do show
    Her on her bum, miss lady muck is she?
    But then what else could one say though
    It's just tweedle dumb and tweedle dee

  Aboutut a friend of mine I once knew
him and his gilrfriend always arguing with each other
     It was like a habit but also idea came from   
      the old saying a bit like dumb and dumber
        written by my self david scott,,,,,,,,(JAN2012)