Flora's Barter

Written by: Debra Squyres

Flora’s Barter

Behold the girl
Reciting in the gardens
Emily Grace
Poetic voice to sharpen
Enhaling scents
From flowers freely lent
Lyrical verses
Flora’s barter well spent 

Behold the rose
Growing on the arbor posed
Enriched by the words
Read from books composed
Rising higher still
Glancing over shoulder bold
Pink as sunkissed cheeks
Reading poems spun of gold

Behold the paths
Lined with blooming flowers
Embracing hymns
Of lyrics that impower
Strolling along
Lost in tranquil setting
Garden of verses
Blooms well worth investing

All rights reserved ............... 2/21/13
Poem based on Edmund Blair Leighton's painting, “Sweet Solitude”