Lifes Jigsaw

Written by: Seren Roberts

Life is like a huge jigsaw
Each piece a part of life
From the moment we're born
Piecing together stress and strife

The overall picture is of summer
Showing the blue sky of living
Fluffy clouds show some discord
Through quarrels and misgiving

Then comes the sea of greenish hues
Family and friends denoted here
The boats that bob on the waves
Look like they are shedding a tear

See, there is a field of grass and corn
With arms waving enjoying the sun
A scarecrow looking so forlorn
Used as a home by mice having fun

I spy a house with chimney smoke
Welcoming all with open arms
With croeso* written on the mat
Enter here for peace and calm

The final piece of the puzzle
Is the one held in my heart
Waiting to say let's go home
We've another puzzle to start

*Croeso     -    Welcome       (pronounced    croy so )