Sly Revel of My Lady

Written by: Elijah Uchiha-Chara

Hear O maiden, on whom desire springs forth
It brews mine soul, chiming taste after port
Have thou detour, pursuit never will cease
Inside dungeon, dwells memoirs begging peace.

Not once does sole eddy whispers’ depart
Birds dance at lightning’s amazing glory,
Nervy morose obeyed deadly loch art
Baffle tongue shields the shame of thath fury.

Autumn for willow vale, bright morning frost
Exalts unto thy blossom: chilled breeze toss.
Adieu for day, thwack wilt kindle cost,
Extreme snide flits; Dank! Flout insolent loss.

Once again, thorn manifest lover’s hope
Outre’ wish from her behest painful pop.