A Guilty Pair

Written by: Brian Terry

A Guilty Pair
Under the Stars and moon so bright
Two lovers lie in the field at night

What’s that noise?
It can’t be boys

Have no fear
For I am here
Of all the things we feared the most
It’s not your husband, just a Ghost
Oh Love I’m only joking
But soft I can hear a baby crying
Where can it be?

There’s only us
Oh God are the legends true
I never really knew
Darling where are you?
I cannot see you
You cannot leave without a sight
Please come back, you gave me such a fright
He is not there
I fear he was never here
Was he a ghost?
But he lay with me
What shall become of me
Where are my clothes
Am I to die
What shall I do
Someone help me

Wake up, Wake up, my love
What is the matter?
Just a nightmare?

Oh Husband dear,
Was it just a dream?
It was so real.
Hold me tight.