Raincheck at Submarine Races

Written by: Quentin Ehlinger

One night way out by the Old Beach
I started out being a leech.
While watching the Submarine Races
I almost made it to all of her bases
Till she moved back just out of my reach.

She cried ,"Tomorrow you won't respect me!"
I pleaded, "Why do you now reject me?"
Then my next line worked all of its charm:
"You know I would never do you any harm."
And my passionate plea did protect me.

But the time had gone by way too fast
And the rendezvous wasn't to last;
It started to drizzle,
The mood did a fizzle
And the magic spell suddenly passed.

Yet, on the way home she told me
She wanted to kiss and to hold me.
So, what else could I do?
I hugged her, kissed her, too;
Again and again she consoled me!