Written by: Omotehinse Eyitayo Kemisola lizzy

My heart over-flow with sadness
Having no one else but loneliness
as my partner
For belijorants surround me.

In my heart, 
dubbing takes place
Sober I feel for 
belijorants surrond me.

A hullabaloo in my head
I feel so humdrum
Why was I humdrumed at?
Maybe they are belijorants.

On a mire I stand
Sinking deep and deep
Loneliness I welcome
For I am sober.

Through a loophole I move
logically lopeared
Unto a maple I grip
A maxim of wickedness.

A megalomaniac I become
faced with mediocrity
A migraine attack I recieve
For belijorants surround me.

Here I am, sober
loneliness I embrace 
To obliderate sadness
A motif of jingoism.