Written by: Charles Clive

I have a friend, he lives nearby, a little more than just a mile. We watch a game, both Ted and I, its been like this for quite a while. I visited, the other day, since I was loosely passing by, to find that he had gone away; a lengthy trip. He had to fly. But Ann was there, she begged me stay and seemed quite pleased I rang the bell. I checked my watch, the start of play. “How very kind, I might as well.” I settled on the large settee and waited, as the game began. An ice cold beer, she handed me; I drank away – and so did Ann. Another one, and then one more, I lost all track of time and space. Who won the game, I wasn’t sure, it all slipped by at quite a pace. I looked at Ann. She looked at me and smiled with warm and welcome eyes. Then, for the moment seemed to be a goddess, an immortal prize. She touched my hand, her gentle stroke sent thoughts awry, confused and blurred. Salacious hopes in me awoke just then, as mother nature stirred. She said “I love you quite a lot,” then whispered, “Shall we go to bed?” “Oh no!” I cried, “I’d better not.” I wish she hadn’t married Ted! ~
For Francine's Competition - 21st February 2013