The Seasons Of Life

Written by: Donna Jones

Life changes as the seasons do, first our youth along with spring
As all earthly things begin to wake, our life also has its beginning
Birds spread their wings and learn to fly, green grass reaches for the sky
We do the same while we can, never stopping to ask why

Like teens do, the summer too, never stops to rest
While they last, we think these years will somehow be our best
Things are in bloom, we take long days cues
Our bodies growing, thinking life lasts forever too

With middle age, brings routine, as does the coming of fall
Families, work and getting gray, as leaves turn color after all
We find those things that we love dear, and bring them near
As all migrating things, do year after year

But the end of life, along with winter's chill
If prepared for, can be better still
Like wild things do, gather things you know
You need and spend it sitting by the fire's glow

┬ęDonna Jones