Battling Addiction

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

You have been sober for two years three days and six hours
still the battle has not ended
The temptress in that bottle calls out in the dark
Beckoning you to return
The times when life seems more than you can bear
There was a time she seemed to satisfy
she caressed you from the inside
Until you started to choke
Everything that mattered was taken away
family, friends, job
You still can't breathe without thinking of her
they say it's one day at a time
will it ever get easier
four years 
maybe five
Perhaps ten
Thankfully you do not surrender
you have battled too far
the worst is behind you
Battling addiction is a moment by moment affair
Friends were left on that battlefield
those friends didn't want you to win
misery truly does love company
New friends have been gained
family has taken you back with open arms
they never truly left
You had chosen to do the leaving
she had held you in her grip
no one else could be seen or heard
This time you are back to stay
You are the victor
In the end you are stronger than her

Written by Richard Lamoureux
I have broken the sixteen line rule, you strike me as a man who
doesn't follow the rules, so hopefully you will forgive my verbosity.
I could not fully capture these emotions in 16 lines.