Kiss the Rain

Written by: Debra Squyres

Kiss the Rain
Silent Reverie

A still morning around the pond
A “once upon a time” captured
for my viewing…

The wind had hushed in the tall reeds
while reflections of the standing trees
rested, near steady, on the surface
…waivering only slighty to my eye

Sitting still, absorbing the silence,
watching the clouds slide along
in the mirrored surface…
white clouds slowly giving way
to those tinted with softest grey

The sun that once had blushed
my cheeks slipped silently behind
the greying clouds...when?
…I didn’t seem to notice
Its absence caught me unaware
while caught up in the still beauty
of the silenced moment

Much too soon a rippling began
on the glassed surface of the pond..
sending the trees and clouds
swaying atop the waters surface
as a gentle kiss of rain distorted
the silent view…my reverie time
finding conclusion

My “once upon a time” moment
had found its “the end” while
the earths had just began…
a  kiss-the-rain, welcomed, occurance 
that revives its parched lands

All Rights Reserved:              2/20/13