The Dead me

Written by: Aladelusi Adedoyine


Right in the middle of the day
He appeared from no way
Beating my sleep away.
Its been a long day
Of me smashing and breaking clay
Trying to get away from the dismay.
What's happening?,i asked
What have i done?
Where is your phone?
He asked authoritatively.
I took to my heels swiftly
My phone has been stolen
'A text that you were invovled in an accident was sent from your phone yesterday'
Thought you were travelling yesterday
He showed me a message
Which confirmed me dead
What!!!,i'm i dead?

Phone ringing,
Its your sister calling
She and your dad have been to every hospital in Osun
In search for their sun
Like i was ever missing
The stupid boy is here sleeping
He picked the call
Handing the phone over to me.
Her voice was without strenght
Can imagine her fear even with her not in sight
Adedoyine!,she exclamated
Then the call ended
He reached for the phone again
Streching out his hands,punching me again
I could feel his fear and love
From his heavy crudling punch
You had better die,
Looking at the death message again
And looked at me,like only my voice remain...!