Written by: Mercy Soriano

I wonder why the world exist
   To live within i can resist
   The sun could rise through rain or shine
   But without my love i will resign.

Long is my journey to search for you
  Across to a desert without a view
  A paradise that i have lost
  To find you is my only boast.

One time i wish to have a chance
  To dream of you in moonlight dance
  Like a bird that swing and sings
  And wake by the bell that rings.

Voice that tells me "That's enough"
  To love is just to make me laugh
  I tried my best for just a test
  But found myself a serious pest.

East and west i tried to see
  My love even or over the sea
  Wind and wave won't see me free
  I will sail with a trunk of a tree.

Yes! I will do my very best.
  To find my love and we will rest
  Up in the heaven God will say
  Cheer up! And have a nice day!
Oh! How happy i would be!
   Smiling like a bumble bee
   A flower that must only be
   Exclusive for a bumble bee

Unite our hearts, to you oh God
   To fall in love is not too bad
   The only thing to you i ask
   To love him much, my only task.