Written by: Richard Lamoureux

She is all about appearances, creating the right look
She wears glasses she doesn't need and carries around a book

She's the naughty librarian, her hair tied up in a bun
Don't let her looks fool you, she is definately about the fun

If she calls you to her office, be real thankful to be there
Watch as she undoes her buttons and let's down her silky hair

She says you need to be quiet, as she brings out all her toys
You must listen carefully, if you do you'll know her joy

You look at her gorgeous body, a feast for your lustful eyes
A certain part of your body, begins to increase in size

She asks you to lay on the desk, so that she can have a better look
Then she says to turn over and proceeds to spank you with a book

You try hard to be quiet, still You let out a simple scream
As she starts to turn you over, passions released in a stream

She tells you not to worry, you will have alot more fun
She hands you the Kama Sutra, she says this is lesson one

"My spice box contest"