Horsemeat Scandal in Europe

Written by: Elton Camp

Horsemeat Scandal in Europe

By Elton Camp

“Beef” is a word that’s loosely applied
Although to most, cow meat is implied

It’s off to the slaughterhouse with old Mag
It seems it’s been the same with the old nag

Let’s hope you have a stomach that’s strong
It’s been shown they’ve done this right along

But, the facts I’m forced to admit, of course
There’s no special hazard in eating a horse

A person’s food choice is a cultural thing
Chinese eat dogs, to the mind does spring

In other places, people will eat a rat
To me, plenty is wrong with that

If I’ve ever eaten horse, I didn’t know it
Otherwise, I likely would up throw it

Nor would I choose a taste of a cat,
But I’d greatly prefer it to eating rat

“So hungry I could eat a horse,” we say
But, in Europe, many have done that way

Should we check beef sold in the USA?
I hope it says “Moo” and not “Neigh”

It’s true that veganism has its benefit
At least eating beef, I think I’ll quit

Then there’s no problem if they say
“We tested and found horse DNA”