corporate whores and company men

Written by: andrew delapruch

corporate whores & company men

hollowed out somewhere along the line,
sitting on the shelf, waiting for the promised
every bit of style designed by others pushing
them like the most savage drug on the 
“naïve public,”
every step on the ladder covered in bling
luring in the greediest of pigs,
lathered up in
the colognes & perfumes provided
that bear their names,
with manufactured voices &
manufactured gestures,
each step planned out by a committee,
each appearance set up by a group of others
who pull the strings but stand in the
(aimed to gain more than the puppets
however, never foolish enough to 
take part in a photo op),
smiling for the pictures,
standing in the spotlight,
working 25 hours a day,
tying off & shooting dollar bills
standing tall as the most appreciated role models
of the 21st century