Redundant Tragedies


Oh, how he loved you 
How he took your wants
And made them his needs 
How he wrestled with hunger
Before it fed on you
How he wiped your tears
To make trees grow
And you were love’s willing slave.

Before your moon turned to honey
His hands met your face
As you grew cold, bleeding
Blaming yourself for his bulge 
For how could he be the same man
Who showed kindness
Be the one who gave you a shiner
It can’t be, it must be your fault.

Love has long became your tragedy
As this is will always be the last time
He gets angry and beats you,
Leaves you laying on the floor defeated,
And you have to tell us you run into a door .

My dearest friend If  I can only say this :
That love will never be an excuse
That those apologies are empty
 And meaningless as what you called love