Happy Birthday Lorena

Written by: wayland bunch

Of the laurel tree your name is derived
Honor and victory are contained therein
Complete happiness has been deprived
Your victory, where is it, and also when

Patience, all good things to those in wait
Suffering like everything else must fade
Compassion is definitely your great trait
In the calm waters of kindness you wade

Lorena, your dedication was long overdue
A great friend, and inspiration you provide
Sympathy and motivation ringing through
Leaving an eternal bond I feel deep inside

Although many have the capacity to be-friend
You're a special person, now and until the end

By Wayland Bunch
Happy Birthday Lori, poem belated but I hope you had
a great birthday..	Thanks for always listening and being
patient and unselfish in your tough times. You're a great
friend I'm.lucky to have.