life lesson

Written by: William Hughes

She searches and looks for Mr. right
A strong man, a shining knight
Looking and searching for someone to hold her close
To comfort her when she needs it most
Approached by a man with no one else on his mind
He believes she's a woman worth all his time
To be there, whenever she needs a hand
Together against the world they stand
His mind is full of images like this
He wants to be her king, surround her with love and bliss
For when he is around her, strange feelings are amiss
And an almost pain catches him , as his heart seems to miss
She watches him approach, disapproving of his love
He's missing something, or dislikes what he does
Without giving him a chance, she turns him down
In search for a man, with a "real crown"
With a broken heart, and a damaged pride
The man still believes she's Mrs. Right
But he knows there's something he doesn't have
He watches her, a faint hope in his sight
He adjusts his approach and tries once again
To be more to her then just a friend
"For me to be hers and her to be mine"
To be together for as long as time
She rejects him once again
She wants love, but not from him
instead she falls for someone else
And then cries about how this other person made her felt
She doesn't realize the devotion of his love
That just maybe, this the one sent from above
He walks off, broken once again
Pride destroyed, and heart barely beating
With slightly less respect for women
He forces himself to try again