Longest Night

Written by: cory long

On this night surrounded in candle light. God opened up his heart for me to see. That nothing is what it seems. The fears I hold captive in my mind. The sorrow I try to hide. The touch of a hand or hug of a friend sends me running every time. Give me the strength to overcome these battles. Help me feel the love you hold. Catch my tears in your hands do you hear me calling your name? When I am on my knees begging? With love in my heart, faith in my soul, guide me and never let go. Show me the secrets that I seek and walk with me on the journey you have paved. Silence lingers in the air, peacefulness takes my hand. The words of a friend pierce a soul leaving a mark that will never go cold. With every flame that is blown out my foundation becomes stronger with less doubt. My worries are lifted and a sense of relief sets in. I close my eyes and say a prayer. Inviting god’s love and wisdom in never forget when you look to the cross, that god is doing what he loves. Sending angles to protect me when times are tough. Giving me the courage to stand up. Showing me it is ok to trip and fall I will never need or want again I am covered in his blood.
Cory Long 2-19-2013