Something about you

Written by: Monica Nealy

There's something about you, I just can't 
explain. I get chills every time I hear your 
voice or even speak your name. Why is it that 
I feel this way? I haven't even seen your face 
yet im so deeply in love. I cant control it, 
there's just something about you that makes 
my body ache. Oh how I want so desperately 
to feel the softness of your lips or just 
your gentel touch would be good enough. Im 
not understanding why must you be so far 
away. My whole life is at stake. Cause 
without you nothing else to me exist. By 
nothing I mean no nature or being is in my 
surroundings, therefore I can not breath, 
and without breath I can not live. Yet for 
some odd reason id rather die today knowing 
you where mine then to live eternity not 
knowing the sweet, loving feel that brings 
knowing the joyous tears to my eyes. I think 
that something is love, im glad it was you.