free cee ONLY FOR THEE

Written by: jeffry cohan


What sweet song shall your eyes sing to me?
What harmonious music shall your heart bring to me?
What song today will bless the fact that I awoke?
And what rhythm will you urge after the robin spoke?

What angelic sound shall bless my ears?
Music only this man who loves you hears
With every syllable is born a beautiful note
As you make E minor and A major float

What flute like sound shall you induce?
And what harmony shall your lovely voice produce?
What church organ sound will be your choice?
You, my sweet, born with a golden voice

So tell me my sweet, or rather sing me a song
Any song that could never be too long
Sing of happiness, joy and being lonely for me
But please, most of all, sing forever only for me
    © 2013 copyright PHREEPOETREE …..~free cee!~