A Glimpse of Heaven

Written by: ryan villasin

I see you from a corner of my eye, 
You're wearing a very sweet smile, 
You're always stealing a single attention, 
Coz' in you I see a glimpse of heaven. 

As I go along with my busy sched, 
It's you that I'm thinking as I go ahead, 
And every time we had a conversation, 
My heart is beating on a different motion. 

Despite the fact that you're already taken, 
Still in you i solemnly fallen, 
I don't care about this stupid reality, 
Just the thought of you makes me feel happy. 

To take you off from him is not my intention, 
So step right back, I'm asking permission, 
Just want to take a look of you from a distant direction, 
Coz' in you I see a glimpse of heaven.