emotionally charged

Written by: Michelle Bailey

Here I go, I'm gonna have another shot
How many I've had, not sure I've forgot
I'm gonna drink till it numbs the pain
I'm gonna drink till I don't remember my name
I'm gonna inject till it takes me out of this place
I'm going to inject till I'm off my face
I'm gonna sleep around to block out my fears
I'm gonna sleep around till I cry no more tears
I'm gonna fight and take my pain out on you
I'm gonna fight till I'm battered black and blue
I'm gonna scream till my voice runs dry
I'm gonna scream as I'm afraid too cry
I'm gonna shout and don't care what I say
I'm gonna shout till everything becomes ok
I'm gonna cry as that's all I can really do
I'm gonna cry because I know I hurt you
I'm gonna try and get off the battlefield
I'm gonna try until my emotions are tightly sealed