Written by: Kanu Ekpezu

Too worthy to be behold
Too precious to be sold
No price on earth worth her
So I need her as bride with no price

Tell her father and his kinsmen
That am unworthy of their priceless
But neither am I nor is anyone
For no bride price worth her either

That I can't afford her bridal requirements
Shouldn't stop me from having her
For in me lies her heart
Though she is priceless and that is her name

Her eyes are bright and glitters
And there competes with moon and stars at night
One could imagine incredibly from afar
What has brought the heavenly down

Her skin is diamond in disguise
Her temptation, one can rarely overcome
Her smiles worth angels applauds
Her worth the world is yet to know

Her skin is smooth and cold
Her body worth more than gold
She's too priceless to be sold
If one should consider; really no one worth her
So give her to me for her love is with me.
                    KANU (JKANE) EKPEZU