Written by: Frederick Mungo

I believe in this ghost
because she has no wings
she will stay in her grave
till the digger finds her
she is very real unlike other ghost
flesh like my flesh, bones like my bones.
Sweat like my sweat, and blood like my blood
in this grave, on these fields.

I believe in this ghost
because she is very real
faithful and loyal to the chains that hold her
buried in this place, this grave on these fields.
On these very lands where my fathers toiled.

Grounds of my own, grounds of my birth
a people destined for greatness
with a dream that is but a ghost
buried under these rocks
rocks of corruption, rocks of bad governance.
Rocks of illiteracy, rocks of poverty
many many rocks of other things
these serve as chains across her grave
yet i hold my believe strong
because i know a time will come
when the digger-man will break through these chains
and this ghost long buried will rise to haunt.