Small forces

Written by: Jeremy Martin

In the corner of the the house, outside
At the end of a long trail of cold, shut up windows 
There is a procession, a vigil kept through the night 
Beneath the notice of even the smallest branch 
Or the thoughts of a bird landing on a tree 
There is a band of brothers slaving for their home
Lining up as fine as thread
But chained together as if forged from steel 
Lifting broken leaves, a crumb of bread, a sugar crystal 
They're heaving cars, boulders, buildings 
Silently bearing their burden, they hold a torch for each other 
Tiny miracles in the night, performing feats of magic 
A struggle that defies ages past carries on- invisible 
All for their children they walk, martyred often 
While future generations of their families
Hang in the balance 

Jeremy Martin 2/19/13