Kiss The Rain

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Kiss The Rain Tears from an angel fall into the sky Sorrow felt watching all of mankind’s pain Forming puddles on the ground for us to jump high So we able to reach an angel’s tears as we kiss the rain Cleansing the sins of the world to be set free, Her tears in the rain begin to bless the earth of its domain Thus allowing a glimpse of heaven’s light to shine on gracefully In diamond’s sparkles through raindrops as we kiss the rain Her empathy created the tears that still today come from the sky Evil was washed away from the earth when that special angel came To take away all of those teardrops that drowned our eyes That once led us blind to kiss the rain To send down her compassion and love into our lives Tears from an angel fell on the earth one day Allowing God to shield us in His guiding light So we are always able to see that angel every time we kiss the rain