Good Vibrations

Written by: karl marszalowicz

Morning dew lets
drip essential
waters, the active
ripples drop,
landing, working
with the melting
ponds, to release
surface tension 
The callings of
chirping birds,
pleasantries to ears
everywhere, fervent
life, the eager
promise of things to
The good morning sun
evaporates people's
resentment, feelings
over three months of
abandonment, making
it up with a return 

Rich with golden
A father figure  

Hatch lings making
their identity
known, breaking from
shells to survive,
congregating around
mother for advice, 
Feeling the
strengths of
togetherness, still
insecure, even under
the gentlest of
April breezes, that
whisper comforting
The Lush trees,
restore their former
selves, showing
boldness and beauty
and shade and
shelter, trying to
outdo each other  
Nature and Nurture
Kissed by the broken
Fragility fades

 Strong showers
precipitate as the
tears of the sun,
bringing out regrets
for having left us
at all, so fondly
       Our offspring
play in the muddy
puddles, birds
flutter about to
bathe, flowers grow
bolder, while bees
work the sap 
Libidos driven by a
fervor, wanting to
be part of it all,
form partnerships
and blessed unions
worldwide, we will

Our prosperity
Interlinking all of
Timeless equation