Rewriting Life

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I wish to go back to a time that Never Was
To a land of Rainbows and Butterflies
Recreate and redefine
Fool my mind
Care free laughter
Building sandcastle
Holding hands
A world of atta boy and job well done
Playing with friends
Back yard tire swings
Report cards with A's
Building a tree house with dad
Baseball and hotdogs
A proud hand patting my head
Growing up in a family home
A place where true love is shown
Ice tea served on a porch
Running through sprinklers
While mom and dad look on
Growing up
Feeling secure
Hands that are only lifted in praise
Life long friendships 
Shared experiences
No sad memories stuck in my mind
If only it could be real
But perhaps if I believe I can make it true
A past that was soaked in sunshine
With a cloudy sky transformed to blue