Written by: jeffry cohan

                TOO OFTEN A COFFIN

I’ve faced the familiarity of faded fascination
I’ve let the loveliness of a lady become unspoken
I’ve examined the exclamation mark of  exhilaration
And let beauty allow my blackened heart to be broken

I have haunted harbors and arbors alike
I’ve searched for the most perfect rose ever grown
I’ve seen ships stranded by too many a dike
And allowed lost loves to leave me alone

I’ve cried in crevices of cruelty and brutality
I’ve crawled through canyons so unkind
I’ve negated the nature of negative neutrality
With maudlin memories that mesmerize my mind

I’ve faced the fading of infatuation
And lamented the loss of love too often
I’ve ignored the aroma of arduous ardor’s creation
And have remembrances that will follow me into my coffin
                         © 2013….copyright PHREEPOETREE.~free cee!~