When Its All Been Said and Done

Written by: Eileen Manassian

There comes a point of no return
What all’s been said and done
Then you have to walk away
And to step out in the sun

If someone has grieved your soul
And will not make amends
You need to start the healing work
Turn for comfort to your friends

There comes a time when you realize
That all he uttered were lies
You were swept up in the tide
Of passion you saw in his eyes

There comes a time when you realize
Your heart has been broken in two
And none can dress up the wounds
You must do that work for you

Close the page of that book
That brought you only pain
Made you forget your true worth
And made your tears fall like rain

There will come a reckoning
When all must give an account
Of all the hurtful things they’ve done
Be paid back in full amount

So, don’t turn bitter and don’t you fret
Just lock tight the door of your heart
And look forward with renewed hope
For there awaits a fresh new start.

Eileen Manassian Ghali