Will I Grow Up To Be A Boy

Written by: Jack Ellison

“Do you know your ABCs?” Little kiddies are often asked Confidently they start singing A smile you try to mask “A, B, R, and sometimes X” They gayly recite the rhyme You let it be for another day For another place and time Sweet, precious little moments Sometimes get lost in space They ask “How high's the sky?” With a chocolate covered face My favourite is, “When I was born, Was I brought by a great big bird?” “No, you came from Mummy's tummy We thought for sure you'd heard” The innocence of the little ones Their wondrous look at the world They see things oh so simply As the mysteries begin to unfurl Oh for those days of childhood When life was a brand new toy Our daughter actually asked us once “Will I grow up to be a boy?” © Jack Ellison 2013