Moments treasured

Written by: sashi prabhu

In each other’s arms entwined so firmly That the moon froze and the stars sailed down on the clouds silently Our fiery passions spilled and sizzled, cold and wet sands sheets The waters of the seas engulfed them slurping calmly with waves repeat . She pressed my bare back to the pricking sand Amidst sultry kisses, black sky disappeared &all seemed bright and grand Churned waters oozed froth of spent waves our bodies moulded differently but gyrating in rythm for what each adores and craves. Spurting unbridled passions on to the wet sand floor to find ourselves like two pearls grinding and our bodies set aflame and all sore Supple pecks of her lips and the vacuumed gyrating sounds of our hips Lost without a trace our names but does it really matter to us in these honeyed moments all the same Her feelings all crystalline Her, I could sense and feel in me. Her supple skins on my gladiator chest Her frantic arms clasp my back, clawing for a grip and panting for some rest.
BRIEF, UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTContest Sashi.Prabhu 24th november2013.